About our Company

At the outset, we wish to introduce ourselves as SREEVAARI TRANSPORTS a passionate company to meet the exact logistics requirement of the customer in today’s changing & challenging environment. This company has not only with lots of agility, ambitions but also with immense ability and capacity in terms of Safety, Cost effectiveness and on time deliverables.



We will be providing disciplined, dedicated workforce proportional to the strength of the staff and duration of the operation. This will be arrived after having a comprehensive discussion.

People,  Process & System

Intent & Objective

We will Ensure employee safety, tracking of on time pickup & drop, ensure all the compliances, generating MIS for better understanding and control on operations.

Operation Structure

Based on the Operational requirement we shall provide supervisors (on shift basis, if the need be) to man your facility 12/24 hours. In reality depending on nature of your operations, we will arrive at the strength of supervisors for your site.

One Site in-charge will be provided other than the above supervisors – who will be overall responsible for the transportation and will be the single point of contact for any of your transportation needs.

Above the site in-charge we have our well experienced pool Operations executives and Managers – Who are accessible at any time you wish to contact. These persons would visit your premises on a periodic basis to access the situation and take proactive corrective actions if any,

After commencing operation and closely observing the mode and method of operation, we would suggest changes which will ultimately result in reduction of the transportation cost.

Continuous Process Improvement

Our company has designed operation process for all the clients across city with which we would give desired services, reduce the cost and minimize business risk.

Following is the process:
  • Maintaining daily checklist of Vehicles/Drivers.
  • Capturing operational data.
  • Auditing the above data by the CORE team members.
Our value-added services to our customers
  • Transport desk
  • Dedicated manpower
  • Routing & Scheduling
  • Driver Training Programs

Problem Resolution/Corrective & Preventive Actions

Actions at the time of Accident
All the vehicles provided by us would be equipped with communication system (Mobile Phone) which will help in tracking the vehicle regularly. In case of any exigencies, driver gives us the information over mobile, immediately after receiving the information, nearby vehicle/supervisor of our other account is informed to rush to the accident point. At the same time senior team also rushes to the spot. Information will also be passed over to the customers immediately.

Our Services

  • Transport desk
  • Dedicated manpower
  • Routing & Scheduling
  • Driver Training Programs

Our Vision & Mission

"To provide the logistics support to the invaluable client with utmost sincrity and unflicnching loyalty"

Our Motto

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